Thanks to Scott-Vincent Borba for showing the ridiculous, unhealthy food endorsements of celebrities [classic article]

The next time you’re at a restaurant in Baltimore, or buying stuff for the larder, you may be temporarily dazzled by the hucksterism of your favorite movie or tv star. Scott-Vincent Borba — our friend at Borba — pointed out a recent article on that shows some of the most outrageous foods being sold like carneys.

How ’bout Hulk Hogan’s Hulkster cheeseburger? You think he ate a bunch of those in training? What about Heidi Klum’s Fruit Flirtations candy? Maybe she ate one a day — and nothing else — to look good in Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Funny, I don’t remember Rocky Balboa eating Stallone High Protein pudding. I thought he scarfed down raw eggs! Steven Seagal has Lightning Bolt energy drink. I’m not even sure I want to know what’s in Cheech Marin’s Cheech Chipotle Sauce. Does the FDA know about this?

Mr.T has a new cereal that I may have to buy just for the box. It’s great, bound to be a collector’s item! Okay, quick Mr. T story: Mr. T and I are both from Chicago, but different ‘hoods. As he became famous, he joined The Carleton Club, of which my mom is a member. She came home one night, breathlessly waking us up, “Girls! I saw Mr. A! I saw Mr. A!” She got confused because he was on the A-Team, but called Mr. T. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t calling him an *-hole. You never know, though.

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