Serenity and snacks at SAS’ business class lounge in Newark, New Jersey [classic article]

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Sometimes, the most luxurious thing you can ask for when traveling is a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. SAS’ business lounge at Newark International Airport has a comforting, familiar feel to it, making waiting for a flight — I’m on my way to Sweden! — much more pleasant. I was very happy to be hosted to be able to experience it.

I was trying to come up with why the lounge feels familiar. I’ve never been to this airport. The lounge is decorated in a modern Swedish esthetic, with the blond woods, white lacquered accessories and touches of color we see at Swedish success story, IKEA. I also have an aunt who loves this decor, so it triggers memories. Art by Swedish artist Ulf Rollof adorns the walls. There are lots of chairs with their own electrical ports, so that’s handy-dandy for charging up your computer equipment.

As for snacks, I did find myself smiling, because the little salad bar pretty much resembled the current contents of my refrigerator at home. And, just like at my house, you can feel free to fix yourself whatever snack you like. I sampled thinly-sliced deli turkey and cheese, spinach salad with bacon and goat cheese, baby plum tomatoes, sliced, pickled beets with capers, as well as a European-style fennel salad with oranges. There are fresh rolls, fresh fruit and cookies, too.

You can also help yourself to the cappuchino machine, tea or the bar, which of course carries one of Sweden’s vodkas, Absolut.

You can find complementary magazines and newspapers written in English, Swedish and German. If there are other Scandinavian languages represented, I can’t tell!

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