Save your professional dignity when on a business trip with Miraclesuit! [classic article]

Think of almost any out of town business trip you’ve been on. The hotel you’re staying at nearly always has a pool. When you get to be a certain age or shape, you don’t want to be hanging all out there . . . and in a business situation, you shouldn’t. Miraclesuit to the rescue! I was very happy to be hosted to experience it.

Miraclesuit bathing suits make you look 10 lbs. lighter as soon as you put them on — I’ll take it. They also give you a little more “shape”. They’re that well constructed. They’ve got really firm Lycra, so they take a couple extra seconds to put on. The suits also come in extended sizes, as well as specially fit to certain bra sizes. All good! This will give you the self-confidence to face the work folks.

They’ve got lots of cute and also sophisticated styles — this isn’t some collection that your great-grandma would have shopped.

They’ve got several coverups, including a chic black tunic that packs well. You’ll need that going from your room to the pool. Hell, I’m required to wear a coverup going to the pool in my development!

I don’t know about you, but before I started traveling the globe, the last time I wore a bathing cap was when I was a little kid and my mom made me wear something with big flower appliques. So, when pools across the US stopped enforcing bathing cap wearing for longer haired gals, I was glad. However, when I went to Taiwan, I found out quickly that everybody has to wear a bathing cap, even men. No looking the other way, either. I’m so glad that Miraclesuit carries good looking bathing caps!

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