Well, who wouldn’t like some Beaver Tails? [classic article]

Sorry, Baltimore. If you want some Beaver Tails, you’re going to have to get in the car for the day. Do like I did — head Ottawa’s Byward Market — or Marche’ By, if you’re a Francophone — and get yourself some. I did and I’m glad!

What are they? Well, under their “Play with us” tab, which shows they have a good sense of humor, they describe them as “Whole wheat pastries stretched to the shape of a beaver’s tail and float cooked on canola or soya oil. They’re served piping hot, topped with butter and served with your choice of delectable flavors.”

While there’s a couple of savory choices in the lineup, most people opt for sweet. Some of the topping include Nutella, maple butter, cream cheese and Skors bars, etc. I tried a lemon slice, to do traditional but one step up. They are very tasty.

Beaver Tails is a Canadian chain with several locations. They inspire a fanatical devotion, much like Krispy Kremes do in certain parts of the U.S. Day or night, the Beaver Tails kiosk is packed: kids during the day and early evening, older folks with the munchies at night.

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