Travelers, get the soft, smooth skin of a dairy maid with Dairyface skincare! [classic article]

Traveling, you realize that many different foreign cultures have relied on milk for beauty products in one form or another. It’s just something you pick up on in little European apothecaries, at farmers markets, in exclusive department stores and indie boutiques. It’s been known throughout the world that at least since Cleopatra’s day that milk is an important ingredient for beauty products. It has lactic acid, which helps exfoliate in a gentle manner, soothing proteins, and according to the folks at Dairyface, it’s

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, vitamins A, D, E, C and B12, and offers amazing nutritional benefits for the skin. Also, one drop of milk contains over one million superfine, easily-absorbed, nutrient-rich balls of fat that quench your skin’s moisture-thirsty cells.

There’s a reason people speak wistfully of the olden days, with “dairy maids” having such beautiful hands. Folks also talk about “peaches and cream” complexions. I was very happy to be hosted to experience their line!

This is what they say about the milk Dairyface uses for its products:

(It) is sourced from small family farms (40-50 cows.) All of these farms are certified organic and 100% grass fed. Cows are out on pasture from April through October with free access to grass, water, and minerals. In the non-growing season cows are all provided access to the outdoors as well as shelter from inclement weather. In addition to the excellent treatment of cows, calves are raised on their own mothers on pasture until they are ready to be naturally weaned.

The whole concept of Dairyface was created by Oksana Panasenko, who was born in Mary, Turkmenistan, an ancient city on Central Asia’s famed Silk Road:

As a teenager, she developed a severe case of acne. When numerous doctors’ visits and conventional medicine failed to help, an elderly Turkmen woman introduced her to a traditional remedy made from fermented dairy and local herbs. In desperation, Oksana tried it and almost overnight her acne disappeared. She continued to use fermented dairy regularly on her skin and the acne never returned.

I tried Beauty Mooscow, a hand and body moisturizer. It has a light lemony, creamy yogurt texture and scent. It leaves my skin smooth and satiny, relieves little irritations overnight. Both don’t think that you can just slap on some yogurt from the ‘fridge! Oksana addresses this:

Dairyface is different from edible yogurt in many ways. These include:

Dairyface products have undergone extensive safety testing for topical use on the skin, not so for commercial yogurt.

The proprietary production process that Dairyface developed maximizes the benefits of fermentation cultures for topical use.

The milk fat content in Dairyface, that your skin loves topically, is considerably higher than the edible yogurts on the market.

Dairyface uses milk from grass fed cows to maximize Omega 3’s.

The proprietary production process that Dairyface developed manages the acidity in our dairy platform to maximise its benefit to your skin.

The Dairyface proprietary incubation process ensures high counts of pre and pro-biotics that connect to native micro flora on the skin to target wrinkles, dryness and inflammation.

Fermentation of cultures is more than twice as long with Dairyface as traditional yogurt (like fine wine!) Dairyface is actually fermented for more than 10 hours. This is one of the longest culturing periods of any yogurt on the market. Dairyface contains sufficient numbers of live bacteria and the selective pre-biotics throughout its shelf-life to be of benefit for dermatological applications.

Dairyface uses a proprietary production process to maximize the benefits, for topical use on your skin, of the finest natural oils and herbs that complements the benefits of the ingredients in our fermented dairy platform.

Speaking of the ‘fridge, this cream is made with real dairy cream. That means, it has to be refrigerated! So, you might be thinking you can’t travel with it. But you can! It’s in a plastic tub, 3-1-1 bag size. I’ll tell you what you do: get yourself a Cool-It Caddy!

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