Best banana milkshakes: Pollick’s Sweets in Berkeley Springs, WV[classic article]

Really, I do try to keep the desserts to a dull roar . . . I have to. I don’t keep bags of candy in the house or in my car, like so many people do. I like ice cream, but even that needs to be kept in check. So, that give you some perspective on things when I tell you that I had a banana milkshake at Pollock’s Sweets in Berkeley Springs, minutes before dinner!

Where to get fantastic banana milkshakes

Right around the square corner from the Berkeley Springs “Gentlemen’s Spring” on Fairfax Street, you’ll find a little storefront selling mostly desserts. Well, one can’t survive on spring water alone! That’s true, even if the water wins international awards.

Banana milkshakes at Pollick’s Sweets

So, what makes these milkshakes so extraordinary? It’s more about what they don’t do to them: no syrups, not too much of anything. With simple Hershey’s vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit and plenty of ice cold milk, this is a drinkable, well-blended shake. You don’t need a spoon to enjoy it and there’s never any thick, pulpy banana at the bottom of your cup.

The historic surroundings near Pollick’s Sweets

This sign is on the other side of Fairfax Street from Pollick’s Sweets . . . it’s a great place to park! The whole historic ambiance seems to make an old-fashioned past-time like drinking milkshakes apropos.

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