The hottest traveling device for beautiful skin: Foreo Luna [classic article]

I’ll be the first to admit it: I have one of the very expensive brand of electronic bristle-y cleansing devices. I heard about it on tv and felt like I should be owning it. And yet, it was kind of like the Emperor’s New Clothes: the more I use it, the more my face burned and blistered. Estheticians even gasped and would demand in a low voice, “What happened to your skin?” It kinda came to the point where the less I used the device — heavy and clunky to travel with, even in its “travel” size — the better my skin was. It has these sharp bristles, even when you buy the “delicate” format.

beauty products
beauty products

I knew I really didn’t want to use it, and yet I knew that exfoliation is the biggest way a person can look younger. Foreo — “Beauty Beyond Cosmetics” — has a number of skin devices under the Luna label. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

They come in three varieties: a travel one, the regular size (which is also perfect for traveling) and one with gold or platinum, for you ultra luxe lovers. Even these come in different textures for the type of skin you have. They hold a charge for up to 450 uses, so that’s really, really great for traveling. Sometimes, none of my converters or adapters seem to work!

They’re silicone based, so you’re not dealing with scratchy bristles tearing up your skin. They are fully washable, so they’re hygienic. Also, on the flip side of the device, there’s a low-speed anti-aging end, for when you’re not washing. Try that on an airplane for a beauty treatment that doesn’t go against your 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag.

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