Look pretty wherever you travel with Perricone No Makeup Skincare [classic article]

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

When traveling, simple makeup can sometimes be best. This is especially in harsh climes, during sporty trips or when you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, like first thing in the morning. And, what about during long-haul flights, when you’re supposed to take off all your makeup, to “let your skin breathe”? That was a great way to scare off seat mates, cute flight attendants, opportunities in general. Dr. Perricone to the rescue with No Makeup Skincare! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

All of the skin products — other than the No Mascara Mascara and No Lipstick Lipstick — are all in little glass jars and are fluid in texture, with the No Concealer Concealer being a slightly different texture. I immediately recalled one of my favorite makeup books, the classic Designing Your Face by the late, great makeup artist, Way Bandy. When years ago, he drew different little glass bottles of fluids, including bronzer, blusher/rose tone, a few shades of skin color, I got frustrated. There weren’t any products like he described on the marketplace! But now, here they are!

No Foundation Foundation and No Foundation Foundation Serum differ in that the serum formula is a touch darker, more matte and a pinch more opaque. You are encouraged to use both to create highlights: a more realistic face shape. Way Bandy said the same thing. You pump out drops, just like Way Bandy advised. These products are more fluid than a BB or CC cream, adding a bit of color correction along with neuropeptides and other skin-loving ingredients. Use the No Blush Blush and No Bronzer Bronzer in the same way. The products have a non-chemical SPF 30. They’re all sized perfectly for 3-1-1 carry-on travel bags.

The No Concealer Concealer has high pigmentation, but blends like a fluid. It definitely is not like the dried toothpaste texture that many concealers have! I have light — not fair — skin. Color 2 for light to medium skin is definitely very light.

I figured in my mind that the No Mascara Mascara would be a simple formula that barely darkened lashes, maybe a tinted eye cream, almost. I was shocked when this mascara — a deep brown-black — was glossy, curled my lashes, thickened them, lengthened them. It was as good a $60 mascara I brought back from Amsterdam! It also comes off without tugging.

I’ll admit, when I opened up the tube of No Lipstick Lipstick and saw a flat, matte rose bullet, I thought, “Oh. How Puritan.” The lip treatment goes on powdery but changes up to a glossy sheer color that enhances what you have!

There’s no thinking about these products . . . no, “What pencil shall I wear with this glitter?” It’s a fail-proof way to look naturally pretty with the added bonus of Dr. Perricone’s renowned skincare built in.

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