Reveal your true skin while traveling with Vine Vera Salt Scrub [classic article]

If you’re traveling in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ve been noticing the slightly shorter days as we head toward Fall. The skin on your body may be looking muddy or ashy. You may even have callouses.There’s actually a scientific reason why your skin feels drier: with less shedding of cells under the sun, in the pool and at the sea, it’s thickening up and not receiving moisture. That equals dry, itchy and unevenly toned skin! What to do? Fortunately, there’s Vine Vera to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

What you need as a first step in combating the dry, rough skin of Fall is a good salt scrub. Because it’s not a liquid, you can take Vine Vera’s salt scrub with you traveling in its plastic tub and it doesn’t count against your 3-1-1 carry-travel bag. Just don’t use a salt scrub on abraded skin — I learned about salt and skin the hard way at the Dead Sea this year!

This is the product to slough off fading, peeling and itchy tans, roughed skin from outdoor sports, aged skin, remnants of self-tanners. In fact, if you did make a boo boo when self-tanning, this is a great product to scrub off your mistake. Use it in conjunction with your manicures and pedicures for smooth skin and cuticles.

Their scrub is richly scented with medium sized salt grains. It’s got a moistness to it without being overly greasy. Some salt scrubs practically need a scrub to get them off! I’ve written extensively about the Vine Vera resveratrol line HERE, a luxury skincare company that incorporates nutrients from wine grapes throughout several categories of their line.

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