Look cute with heavy travel: Head to Target for Sonia Kashuk beauty products[classic article]

Though I own hundreds of professional makeup artist and style books, I must admit I wasn’t familiar with Sonia Kashuk before she collaborated with Target.

I first dipped my toes into the water — the ever-expanding collection — with the fantastic for traveling Hidden Agenda Palette. It comes in a couple of different shade varieties. The palette includes cream concealers, a color-corrector, setting powder, a mirror and teeny, weeny professional tools to apply. Despite what (competing) makeup artist Bobbi Brown says about never using color correctors, there are times when you need one! Like, for instance, when your skin is a freakin’ disaster! Whether it’s burns or birthmarks or inflamed skin, that green-putty color tones it all down, so you can face the world.

So, even though I loved my palette, for whatever reason, I didn’t keep up with the colors and products Sonia Kashuk was introducing through Target. That is, until I got a makeup DVD by Jeniviva one Hannukah. I love, love, love this DVD! Sadly, the young woman behind this genius DVD died in a car crash right around the time I got the DVD! In her video, Jeniviva creates several fun retro and party looks, naming products used. She extolled the virtues of Sonia Kashuk, which had me running to Target for a closer look.

The line now has some very sophisticated products that rival top-tier department store items, which I was happy to be hosted to experience! Not only that, but they’re at a price point that won’t make you cry if you leave something behind in a fit of jet-lag or if a package breaks in transit.

Here are some of the items I tried for traveling:

I must have good quality brushes for applying makeup . . . even if I’m camping! However, those pro brushes with the long handles, the fur-coat heads and monthly utility bill price tags are not practical for traveling. Sonia Kaskuk has not just one, but several travel brush sets. The shapes and variety are what the pros use and what I’m used to, including crease brushes, contour brushes, fan brushes, etc. Some sets have limited edition, colorful handles — they’ll help you spot them in an unfamiliar bathroom while traveling. The brush tips are soft and feel expensive. The brush cuts are also quite high-end.

The chubby lip pencil has been a huge, huge makeup trend for a while. I have many brands in several textures. Sonia Kashuk’s Velvety Matte lip pencil is a very modern matte: it’s sheer and layers well. It’s not this gunky, dry texture like some that feel like pancake batter crossed with latex. It’s a good option for foreign travel: you can create classic looks, don’t have to pack a separate lip pencil and can switch up your look with one of her many lipgloss styles.

If you’ve only been putting your makeup into sandwich bags or those bags that come with department store perfumes, you kinda only have yourself to blame when your makeup arrives cracked at your destination. Sonia Kashuk has several makeup travel bags and cases that are water resistant and have a better quality zipper. They’re available in a number of feminine patterns that say “high end”.

The more I try Sonia Kashuk eyeshadows, the more I dig them. They have a silky payoff that rivals Dior. “Fair and Square” quad has that one glittery shade in the bunch that reminds of Tom Ford palettes. As with all companies, some colors appeal to me and some aren’t for me, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for new shades as new seasons come in. I’ll be curious as to how on-trend and fashion forward they’ll be, or will they go the way of e.l.f. with a huge variety to “appeal to a global audience” but improbable colors.

Dewy Luxe Lip and Cheek Balm is (was? unavailable online) a liquid that came in a bright cool and bright warm tone. I’m not a fan of this format when traveling and don’t think most people can apply it well. Chic Luminosity Powder Glow also seems to be unavailable. It didn’t have enough color/product payoff to do much for the complexion.

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