First class savory food in Brussels Airlines’ business class[classic article]

t was a long day already: up at the crack of dawn to catch a Bolt Bus to NYC from Baltimore. I was headed to JFK to catch a Brussels Airlines flight to Belgium. I was very glad to have been hosted to experience it!

First class savory food in Brussels Airlines’ business class


When I got to the gate, they told me I had been moved from my carefully selected aisle seat. I did my best unintended imitation of Mrs. Broflovski from South Park: “What-what-what?!”. If I don’t have the aisle seat on a plane, I’ve discovered that my nerves — and legs — get completely jangled. The gate staff smiled, letting me know I had been upgr


aded to Business Class! As much as I travel, I really don’t get upgraded like that. It was a glorious day.

I was very curious about the food in Business Class — airlines really take pride in outdoing themselves in the competitive race for prime customers.

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