Beauty savings for travelers: Tammy Fender skin care [classic article]

Taking care of your skin while traveling just got 20% easier! Tammy Fender is having a Friends and Family sale, but you’d better hurry.

Before “organic” and “natural” became buzz words in the beauty industry, Tammy Fender began crafting her 100% botanical formulations to provide her sophisticated clientele with nurturing and healing skin care. Her coveted blends feature organic, food-grade ingredients that overflow with Pure Living Energy®, the life force and energy that runs through all that is living. These pure ingredients are blended by hand in small batches to not only benefit the physical but also the emotional and spiritual levels in order to heal and bring both the external and internal into perfect balance.

Beauty care

Tammy Fender’s line is a cult favorite with celebrities and all kinds of jet-setters. People who travel a great deal — such as myself — know that there are so many factors that can wreak havoc on your skin: dry airplane cabins, unfamiliar pollution, unfamiliar flora, less than pure water, jet-lag, hard hours, increased drinking, salty foods, straying from your normal diet, hotel laundry detergents, etc. is now offering their annual (most anticipated) sale of the summer. Friends and Family will receive 20% off all purchases from Thursday, July 24

through Thursday, July 31. Shop your favorite holistic skincare guru’s cult classics, such as:


Intensive Repair Balm ($130)
Quintessential Serum ($175)
Epi-Peel ($80)
Spontaneous Recovery Crème ($165)

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