Save your sanity while traveling with Audio-Technica headphones for smart phones[classic article]

Summer is the time for traveling, often for long distances and time periods. If you travel at all — whether by plane, train, boat, bus or car — you no doubt appreciate the opportunity to literally tune out of the world around you with your music. It’s one of the most pleasant release valves of the last few decades!

audio airphone
Save your sanity while traveling with Audio-Technica headphones for smart phones

No longer do you have to be forced to listen to inane conversations on planes — like the woman who spoke for 11 hours straight on a flight I took home from Europe, mostly railing against Native Americans and casinos. It doesn’t have to be an 11 hour flight that makes you want to escape, either. Maybe your spouse and you are in the car and you’re forced to listen to the radio play-by-play of yet another sports game you could not possibly care less about.Or, maybe it’s the middle of the night and you just gotta crack up the tunes.

It’s not only about tuning out, though . . . the latest headphones are easier to wear in your ear and transmit a beautiful quality of sound to you! Welcome to Audio-Technica! I was glad to be hosted to experience it.

The SonicFuel™ In-ear Headphones with In-line Mic & Control allow you to be active and select your ear buds and hook to perfect fit you. The sound is multi-dimensional and rich, not tinny. It has a durability that knocks the socks off earphones that you buy at airports, convenience stores, etc. You’ll have a great time creating your own environment!

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