Super nice, non-touristy candy shop in Leipzig, Germany: Hussel [classic article]

When I travel places, I like to go and eat where the locals like to go, not necessarily where the tourists find themselves trapped. When in Leipzig, Germany, there’s a famous candy store where the tourists find specialized candies — you’d know them if you saw them — but they are tooth-achingly pricey! I remember poking my head into the shop when there happened to be some other Americans in there as well . . . we all seemed a little taken aback by the “take it or leave it”-ness of it all.

Fortunately, I discovered where Leipzig residents really go for their treats, their candy gifts, their hospitality trays: Hussel! Hussel has several locations, including Messehofpassage in Leipzig. In European cities, you find a number of these passages or alleys with stores, kind of a luxurious covered strip mall concept.

The store carries both simple and intricate chocolates, truffles, jellies, gummies, hard drops and coffees. I found so many little unique things — cutely packaged — for reasonably priced souvenirs! The chocolate covered espresso beans in a sunny yellow container were terrific. Hussel makes seasonal, as well as a standard menu of items.

Hussel makes really cute marzipan candies in all kinds of fanciful shapes! You can even find candy bratwursts and mustard!

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