Rockin’ hot dogs at Columbus’ Dirty Frank’s [classic article]

If you’re traveling to Columbus and you’re looking for a signature restaurant, but fun and budget-friendly all at the same time, can it be done? Yes, Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace hits every requirement, with a huge beer selection as well. Though downtown near the bus station, it’s packed all the time, even for Sunday brunch.

The owner clearly loves classic rock and decorates the walls with art celebrating the stars of the 70’s and 80’s. Rockers love popping in, too, as they’re open every night until 2:30 am. Though far away from Chicago, it’s clearly a Cubs bar, too. Hailing from the Windy City myself, I’m sure the owner would say as we did back home, “If you don’t like it, tough tushies!”

They’re not just a hot dog shack. They’re proud to serve local beverages like Stauf’s coffee and vintage Frostop rootbeer. You can get the rootbeer topped with local treasure, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Frostop is nicely carbonated — unlike many smaller rootbeer makers — and has a thinner body. They also sell a locally made baklava crafted with Ohio honey and Amish butter.

The hot dogs come with many different toppings available. I tried the True Love Always style, with cream cheese and sliced green olives. Not only did I dig the name, but it also reminded me of a sandwich I used to order. In my younger days, I worked in the legal department of the huge international gym membership company that was based in Towson, Maryland. They had a cafeteria and the only sandwich I could afford with that helacious McJob was cream cheese and olive. Surprisingly, I still like the combo.

On Monday nights, they have Dirty-oke Costume Karaoke from 9-1.

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