It’s a family affair: Starlight, Indiana’s Joe Huber’s [classic article]

family affair
It’s a family affair: Starlight, Indiana’s Joe Huber’s

You can’t miss their road signs, the modern-day Burma Shave. But Starlight, Indiana’s Joe Huber’s Family Farm & Restaurant has earned its bragging rights. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

family affair 2
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

The family’s American food enterprises started in 1843, when patriarch Simon Huber brought German apple trees to his new Southern Indiana farm. In the 1920’s, family members started feeding farm hands classic country fare. Nowadays, those recipes have been collected into cookbooks available for sale on site. The 8th generation of Hubers are currently living in Starlight.

Starting in 1983, their restaurant opened to the public. Today, with their huge operation, they no longer raise their own chickens and beef. But everything is house-made. Best plan ahead: they’re only open on weekends.

All of their meals are served “family-style” — kind of a buffet brought to the table, all you care to eat. Some of the home-cookin’ flavors you can expect include a crunchy sweet vinegar slaw and a cracker-crumb crusted, juicy fried chicken.

After dinner, walk around the lovely grounds and stop by the farm market, to help create some of those goodies in your own kitchen.

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