Get glamorous for your journeys with Prtty Peaushun [classic article]

Celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson was one of the early champions of Prtty Peaushun, “Skin Tight Bodylotion”. It’s certainly a product that will help you bridge that gap if you’re traveling from the frigid North to more tropical climes. After all, we now know that tanning booths are extremely dangerous. But still, how to have your limbs peek out — man or woman — after they’ve been covered up for months? That’s why I was so happy to be hosted to experience it!

This is what they say about it:

It not only looks beautiful on, but with the help of some exciting active ingredients, will also improve the condition of your skin. The formula is natural, does not contain any toxic ingredients or animal products, it is Certified Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Toxin Free, Fragrance Free, Vegan. The botanical extracts are handcrafted from plants sourced through globally approved and certified organic farms, primarily in the United States, as well as Europe and India. Every ounce of the lotion is accessible due to the packaging. The pack is also considered “anti-packaging” as it will flatten to leave the lightest possible carbon footprint. There is nothing like our product on the market even yet today.

For the body, face & hair….it’s offered in 5 different ways: Plain is clear, the rest are sheer – Light, Medium, Dark, Deep Dark. The sheers come in different shades with subtle light reflecting pigments in the natural emollient base giving the skin a gorgeous flattering glow. All are natural, certified gluten free, paraben free, vegan, non-toxic, never tested on animals, certified cruelty free, certified by Green America. The ingredients are naturally healing, conditioning, moisturizing and soothing; as well as insect repelling.

The natural radiance of all 5 conceals minor imperfections and enhances definition to create a sexy slimmer silhouette. The sheers offer slightly more coverage.

This is what I say about it: I’ve tried a lot of “leg makeup,” self-tanners, body makeup in a variety of applications, such as deodorant-style push-up, spray, dust-on powder. None of them had the ease of application that Prtty Peaushun has, with its rich but silky lotion texture. It’s not glittery or grainy textured. I would describe it as a light sheen, rather than being pearlized. It has a faint citrus-pomelo scent upon application that quickly dissipates. The effect is natural, so you don’t have to worry about having streaks.

You’ll look less dry and more alive, glowing on exposed parts. I would suggest it to newly engaged gals who are showing off their engagement rings: rub it into your hands. Try it on your feet with open-toed shoes. It would also be good to rub into your shoulders, if you are wearing strapless dresses.


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