Fix your skin while traveling or afterwards with Mario Badescu[classic article]

Many years ago, I took ballet classes with some of the most socially prominent ladies in my city. They and their daughters always had terrific looking complexions, no matter what their skin types or age. They took car services and charter buses up to NYC to the Mario Badescu skin care salon. Though it’s fun to travel to NYC, you can stay at home and still use Mario Badescu products. There was a time when their special skin care products were only available there, but now, they are are fine spas, salons and even online. I was very happy to be hosted to experience them!

Mario Badescu’s line is gentle, yet effective. And, like a house of couture, they have many different product categories — not simply the typical “normal, oily, dry”. They know that for the finest of complexions, one or two sizes does not fit all.

Enzyme Cleansing Gel is a creme-gel packed with fruit enzymes that not only help clear skin, they help prevent breakouts. You can use it daily and this should be in your arsenal for special occasions coming up. It’s worth going to the dollar store and pouring some into a 3-1-1 carry on travel container. I feel it helps with minor skin tone issues, as well.

Oil Free Moisturizer is perfectly sized for a 3-1-1 carry on travel bag. It’s lotion-y in texture, has a an SPF of 30 built in — so that may help you lighten your load. It dries quickly, leaving a soft finish. You can absolutely apply cosmetics right away.

In summer and with oilier skin, ceramide eye gel — in a perfect for 3-1-1 carry on travel bag — is refreshing and soothing. I’ve been experimenting with keeping it in the ‘fridge to quickly take down puffiness. Eyes can get irritated in the sun. They say you can use it around your lips, too, for a luxury treatment!

Drying Lotion is a dual consistency lotion that you use with a cotton tip. It’s very effective — so use it just on nasty blemishes — don’t slather it all over your face. It’s for overnight use. It’s sized for 3-1-1 travel carry on bags, but comes in a glass bottle.

Do you love masks but clay ones normally irritate you? This has a liquidy consistency that doesn’t dry to a pottery crack. It’s good for oily and stressed skin — it’s usually difficult to find treatments you can use on such skin!

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