Putting the fun back in eating out: Stockholm’s Sodra Teatern

Sodra Teatern — “Southern Theater” in English — is on a roof in a funky Stockholm neighborhood. At night, they have live bands, theatrical acts, get-togethers and more. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it!

It’s quite the popular place for lunch, too! In pretty weather, you can relax outside and look out onto the roofs all over the area. During the day, they do something that’s really big with Stockholm worker-bees: lunch service is a buffet. After a few “leisurely” services over there, I can understand that — workers know they need to get back to work! They definitely don’t want a sandwich for lunch.

Food was some traditional Stockholm favorites, including fish with fresh herbs, soup, potatoes, lots of prepared salads and beer. They do weekday lunch differently over there!

At one section of the restaurant are some plastic arm chairs. I think that would be the perfect place to meet a first date: “Hey, I’ll be in the purple chair.”

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