Is Japp’s Since 1879 Cincinnati’s coolest cocktail bar? Could be! [classic article]

No, Japp’s Since 1879 hasn’t been a bar in Cincy since 1879 . . . it was a wig shop! But now, the place has been turned into a mixologist cocktail bar with a vintage dance hall feel, playing music from the 1940’s until today. It’s under the stewardship of Molly Wellman, of Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar fame. I was very happy to be hosted to be able to experience it.

The place has an elegance without pretentiousness. Cocktails are made properly, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. Some of the recipes they use date back to the 1700’s! They have over 300 liquors and all of their syrups are house-made.

There are lots of vintage wig paraphernalia in cases all over the place: goofy and fun.

Although Cincinnati is a major US city, folks having a fun time in the neighborhood — Over the Rhine — make it seem like a friendly small town: I ran into tour guides, shopkeepers, servers and owners who I had met just hours ago.

1134 Main St
Cincinnati, OH 45202.

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