Casual, serene lunch at Stockholm’s Langa Raden [classic article]

Not many people realize that the city of Stockholm is spread across 14 islands. On one of them — you just cross a footbridge road across from downtown — is a serene area with the Hotel Skeppsholmen. The hotel, which prides itself in using locally sourced products right down to the Byredo Parfums body wash in the rooms, has a similarly conscious restaurant.

Langa Raden serves all the meals of the day in a casual, relaxed atmosphere . . . so much so, a little seabird kept popping in through the window! The building dates from 1669, though it’s been refinished in an airy, modern way. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it.

The restaurant incorporates Swedish design in a funky, home-like way: different cups, etc., instead of being like a showroom. The menu features the kind of things people tell you are “must eat” in Stockholm, so this is where you can do that.

I started with Swedish caviar from Kalix — highly recommended –with matured cheese royale, lemon, chives and whipped Smetana. The caviar was fine roe paste served in fish skin, with minced red onions, chives, fresh dill and the famous Swedish flat bread. The cheese was like a creme fraiche.

You practically won’t be allowed out of the country if you don’t try Stockholm’s famous open-faced shrimp sandwich! Theirs is super fresh, with tender, undressed shrimp. It’s served on thick, buttered bread and lightly salted.

I learned that many Americans stay here. I inquired if there were any menu concessions to accommodate my countrymen . . . egg white omelettes!

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