Eat and drink what the Beautiful People do at Stockholm’s Ecobaren/Centralbadet! [classic article]

Since 1904, Stockholm, Sweden’s Centralbadet has been where the beautiful people have come to relax, purify and detox themselves. Everyone’s heard of Swedish saunas, right? Centralbadet’s restaurant/snack bar is Ecobaren, concentrating on organic and raw food recipes. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it all!

I was a little nervous heading in . . . after all, the signs and instructions for the spa are in Swedish and I know that different places and different cultures each have their own rules. Did you hear the story about one of my travel writer buddies who was in a sauna in Austria? A naked man marched in, yelling at her in German to take off her clothes! I told her that when we are old — when I tell the story — I’ll say it happened to me.

So, when I went to the front desk, I was careful to find out as many of the traditions/rules as I could. Yes, there is a co-ed sauna (as well as single sex), but people are expected to wear towels. The rule that’s most important is reserving the hot tub area as a quiet zone. The hot tubs come in different temperatures and bubble strengths.

After soaking and sweating, a little cool refreshment was in order. Their detox smoothie was perfect for the occasion: replenishing without feeling like all the good was being undone. It had pineapple, melon, mango, papaya, raspberry, ginger, cardamom and hemp. It was fruity, with zip.

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