Faroe Islands home cooking: whale!

I was just hosted to experience the amazing Faroe Islands, a chain of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. The people of the islands have a true Viking heritage, with Norwegian and Celtic backgrounds. You can get there by taking the Faroese airlines, Atlantic Airlines . . . and financially, it makes sense to make a grand trip out of it by taking the airplane from Reykjavik, Iceland. Other flight origin options include places like Denmark, Norway, etc. There are also car ferries to get to the Faroes from Iceland.

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In such a rarely remarked upon part of Europe, I wondered what do the people there eat? What is their home cooking like? I first heard about the Faroes on the tv show, Whale Wars and its rather insufferable protagonist, Paul Watson. He challenged the right of the islanders to eat what they’ve been eating for 1,000 years — the Pilot Whale. The Pilot Whale is not the nearly extinct creature from the early 1970’s “Save the Whale” campaign. I read that during WWI, whale was considered by the predecessor to the USDA to augment food supplies in the US. 12 courses of whale dishes were prepared by the head chef of Delmonico’s and served to the likes of Admiral Peary. So, what’s it like? You’ll have to read the list!

Please check out the list items below for more of the flavors!

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