Breaking news: so sad! Borba is ceasing operations

I was always a fan of the nutraceutical company, Borba, as you can see HERE. Their crystallines and prepared drinks used to be available at Sephora, QVC and at one time, Walgreens. I remember that I spent $300 on various drink packages in preparation for my wedding. My skin looked great!

The drinks were calorie-free, adding flavor and nutrition. The whole thing started when WBAL in Baltimore did an “expose'” of Borba, claiming it didn’t work. I saw the before and after photos of a woman who looked as if she had moved to a spa. I said to myself, “Damn!” and got my credit card out before the newscast was over. That’s a lesson in making up your own mind, friends, and trusting your own eyes.

I just got this email:

BORBA fans, will be ceasing operations and will no longer be taking orders after June 30th, 2013. We’ve enjoyed creating innovative and effective solutions to help you find a more beautiful outlook on how your skin looks and feels. We are extremely appreciative of your trust in us to help you create a radiant glow you’ve come to love.

As of this month, our inventory is extremely limited. Should you want to stock up on your favorite items, or items you’ve been thinking about trying but haven’t just yet, we’re going to provide you with the opportunity to get it with great savings.

Until 6/13/13, everything will be 60% off. If there’s something you like, try not to wait too long before you place your order as the inventory is extremely limited.To get the discount use promo code: THANKYOU

Shop Now>>

Thank you again for your support,

The BORBA team

In looking online for why this is happening, I found this letter from the FTC. Apparently, you won’t (or shouldn’t) be seeing any Borba at odd lots/salvage places, either.

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