Looking for your spring fragrance? Check out elegant Tocca!

Did National Fragrance Day/the beginning of spring catch you unprepared? With the longer days and warming temps, it’s time to get in a fresher mood — along with everyone around you! Treat yourself to a new fragrance, such as one from Tocca. I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Tocca has an exotic name, to be sure, but it’s an American company with a nod to Old World European charm. You can see this in every aspect of the line, from packaging to the fragrances that have a sophistication and multi-dimensional aspect to them.

Fragrances are available in a number of sizes. Additionally, Tocca has a fabric purifier (can be used on masks), hand cream, home fragrances, body products, even hair fragrance!

Tocca’s travel fragrances sprays are just one of the options that are TSA-friendly. Not only is the bottle appropriately sized, but also, it comes in a cute golden cardboard coffret that keeps it safe.

“Colette” is said to honor the great poets of the 1940s, which, of course, would include Colette. Colette was a poet, author of fiction (including the famous “Gigi”), non-fiction lifestyle pieces, as well as a journalist and even a mime! Like its namesake, the fragrance can’t be pinned down into one category or another. I noticed fresh citrus, powder, a light carnation-like spiciness (not 80s style). It’s a light, bright fragrance with a touch of sweetness, perfect for day or night.

This is how they describe it: “A sensual blend of bergamot, violet, spicy pink peppercorn.”

2 thoughts on “Looking for your spring fragrance? Check out elegant Tocca!

  1. Great post! I’ve always been interested in fragrances and Tocca seems like an amazing brand. I’m curious to know, what sets Tocca’s fragrances apart from other perfumes out in the market?

    yoy edib


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