Can you face it? Complexion perfection with

Sure, color is fun and sculpting is fun, designing is fun when it comes to cosmetics. But some of us have some work to do before we get to play. You might have the occasional terrible breakout or perhaps you have birthmarks. I was in an accident while I was still in school and in harsh weather, the scars and open wounds come right back.

It’s hard to get the products that help make you feel confident to face the public, take selfies and be yourself. It’s even harder to get the advice you need to reduce or eliminate a problematic look — it’s not fun for most professional makeup artists! There’s a famous one who airily dismisses using color correctors. I daresay she’s never had to cover dark red burn scars or deep port wine stains.

Your first step is to check out various lines and their skin tone ranges. Gone are the days when the choices were merely chalky “light”, “medium” and “dark”. You need to figure out if you have cool, warm or neutral undertones — or somewhere in between — along with the lightness or darkness. Once you have a good idea of where you stand, you’ll be able to assess different cosmetics’ ranges, to see if they work for you or not. Once armed with that info, you can now order some terrific products that actually work from the privacy of your home with! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Mac studio fix soft matte foundation stick – is versatile for photos or in person, as a concealer, medium or more intense foundation. All tv shows use original studio fix powder, you can see a whole array in “Hair and Makeup”. But the powders can be a bit much in person. The stick gives a different finish and looks more natural!

They come in an incredible range of colors, from light to dark, from cool to neutral to warm. The stick is a little larger than a lipstick, so you can keep it in any bag or purse. It’s good for all genders. It’s not greasy, a dry cream, if that makes sense.

Apply lightly for medium, a firmer touch for heavy coverage: even does a decent job covering scabs!

Bobbi Brown concealer is a corrector for under eyes that comes in several colors, whereas many companies only have light, medium, dark. There’s always a back and forth between makeup artists: one that matches your foundation or lighter? I’m leaning more towards match these days. I think it looks more natural and you should utilize opacity to neutralize purple/blue tones. It’s a silkier consistency than a concealer for boo boos, so it won’t crease. It comes in a teeny little pot with mirror, small enough to keep in an evening minaudiere!

Clarins SOS primer #04 is a light, bright, sheer green, but it really makes a difference for neutralizing red, rashy areas! One drop per area out of the pump tube is all you need. Remember, when using a color corrector, always conceal the concealer. I would say that with this layer, maybe cut out a layer like heavy moisturizers. The neutralizing will make concealer/foundation matter, denser.

Benefit Hello Happy Velvet powder foundation is actually fun to use and effective: it’s been researched to work for 12 hours, yet feel creamy with shea butter. It has a smiley face on the box and mirror, as well as an aerated section for brush and sponge. This allows for different levels of concealment. The brush still gives decent coverage, not just a dusting. The sponge creates a substitute for a light coverage foundation. It’s satiny smooth to the touch, perfect to apply makeup over. It provides a very matte finish.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Makeup Base comes in a pot with an external applicator wand. If you don’t need any coverage, it applies rich and creamy, dries to a powder-like finish. Under concealers and foundation, it’s a next-level primer: weightless, doesn’t pill, doesn’t prevent application of color cosmetics.

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