The best new end of summer hair beautification from Redken

At the end of summer, having fun has probably taken a toll on your tresses. Of course, I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself – it’s healthy and important. Redken has some new products and techniques for you to be living your best, most beautiful life. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Your first step – and this new protocol is going to start making a difference for you – is to dampen your hair and to apply new Acidic Bonding Concentrate Intensive Treatment. This is their very most concentrated bonding care complex, with 14% of their citric acid complex in one product! It promises repair in the very first use. It’s been tested to provide 14x smoother hair* and 63% less breakage*. You let that sit in 5-10 minutes before shampooing. It has a rich, floral fragrance and a medium body-lotion type consistency, so it won’t be goopy or irritating while you get ready to wash. I have a little change in my attitude from, “I can’t seem to grow my hair anymore, no wonder I wait months to get it cut,” to, “Hmm! I’m able to do some more styles, my hair must not be breaking off!” And that’s a good thing.

Let’s delve into the Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo for damaged hair a little more than previously. So, you rinse out your intensive treatment before shampooing. The shampoo has a light flowery fragrance and a rich, serum-like consistency. For those of you who hesitate to wash your fragile, possibly colored hair as you might need to – for fear of “stripping” your hair – fear no more. This shampoo, with 7% acidic complex, adds to your hair. It even protects against water, which is a big enemy of haircoloring. Here are its scientifically proven benefits:

    56% less breakage*

    82% less visible split ends**

    11x smoother hair***

    pH balancing

    For all hair types and textures

    Ultimate repair, intense conditioning, and color fade protection

    Citric Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, which helps reinforce weakened bonds in the hair

Your next step is Acidic Bonding Concentrate Conditioner. You can rinse it out right away and it still is pampering your hair. This has 11% acidic complex, a light sweet fragrance and the consistency of a rich body lotion. Though nutrative, it does not weigh your hair down or separate it into slimy, lifeless ribbons.

There is a final step in the routine: Acidic Perfecting Leave-In Treatment for Damaged Hair. It has 5% acidic complex and is a finishing cream that adds even more protection. It doesn’t weigh you down, but does help some with combability. You will not end up thinking, “Oh, I used too much product!” Here are its researched benefits:

56% less breakage*

82% less visible split ends**

11x smoother hair**

Heat protection up to 450° F

pH balancing

For all hair types and textures

Ultimate repair, intense conditioning, and hair color fade protection

  • The Extreme line has many different products for when you’ve really %&((^’d your hair! Extreme Mask has 6% strength complex that you leave on for 3-5 minutes. You’d better find 3-5 minutes to treat yourself or you’re not treating yourself right! The formula boasts biotin, niacinamide and castor oil. It also has a combination of cationic surfactants, silicones, and glycerin to immediately transform the hair without added weight. It has a lighter lotion consistency and a vanilla-floral fragrance: easy to rinse out. This isn’t some product that you just dab on your ends: it’s for all of the strand. Here are its recorded benefits: 2X stronger hair in a single use*
  • Visibly reduces split ends by 68%**
  • Healthier looking and feeling hair instantly
  • Targets the scalp, lengths and ends to reduce breakage

It’s not easy to keep up beautiful blonde coloring. We’ve seen violet products to cut brassiness, but what if your hair is just dull and dishwatery? When I was a kid, my mom tried to console me with calling it “Swedish blonde,” but dull is dull. Now, Redken has a new line, Blondage High Bright, that fills in that need gap. Makes everything a little lighter, brighter and shinier. Vitamin C clarifies and there are ingredients to seal the cuticle, to help prevent more dulling. The shampoo and conditioner each have 4% brightening care complex. And, to keep up their modern technique, they also have a pre-shampoo treatment spray with 2% brightening. You leave that on 5-10 minutes and do not rinse out before your shampoo. I was shocked at how glowing – not brassy – my hair was after this routine!

Is it hard to have to get back into a routine, going back and forth to work, places, appointments, seeing people in person? Award-winning Deep Clean Dry Shampoo now comes in a gigantic size, getting all the excess oil out of your ‘do. You will look and feel fresh and it won’t feel like you’re having to brush out handfuls of powdery flakes. Of course, it’s marvelous for times and places when you can’t or shouldn’t be washing your hair. Keep a bottle around!

Dry Texture Spray absorbs oil, gives volume and texture without stickiness or crunch. If you are still in mourning over the discontinuation of Wind Blown 05, this is in the same flavor, but gives more volume and a touch more control. It still doesn’t look like you’ve added product, especially how I use it: shake well, bend over and spray 8-the bottom side of your hair. This is a very modern effect. I remember the ‘80s, when a college friend from New Jersey actually gave us lessons in obtaining BIG HAIR – it involved picking layer upon layer of curled or permed hair, spraying and teasing each little bit until it dried. OMG! No, it’s time to move on and look like a real person. You use Dry Texture Spray after you have completed styling. I don’t think you would use any holding spray afterwards, because it would take away the whole effect.

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