Beauty/health basics for all by QÜR

Whether you’re putting together a care package or stuffing stockings, you need some fail safe options that are good for everyone except for babies and fur babies. QÜR is a company that’s re-imagined everyday beauty cabinet essentials, tweaking their application while delivering high quality ingredients. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Clip Balm is a 2-pack of uniquely packaged lip balms: they clip on, are flat and about as thin as a really expensive phone. They can go on backpacks, pajama pockets, even yoga pants, as they suggest! For the youngsters in your life who still need clip-on mittens, their utility is understood. But I’d like you to also think about your loved ones in their golden years! Some of ’em are always losing stuff, so you can clip it into a jacket or on a bathrobe pocket. Sporty types like skiers will know just where to clip them.

If you’re in a healthcare facility or confined to a bed/nursing home/assisted living/hospital/hospice, your lips can really get chapped and you’re unlikely to get any help for it! I’ve been on life support, complete with the “drip” and my lips got very chapped. When I asked for help, the nurse snapped that chapping was “impossible,” because I was being administered fluids. You can imagine the looks I was shooting. I remember that my dad was on a drip and his lips started to crack and bleed! I immediately got some lip balm into the picture. Clip Balm is cute as it is, maybe just put a bow on top.

QÜR has given the balms some fanciful names, but the important thing is to know that the scents include lemon-coconut, cherry-vanilla, fresh mint and rose. The products are 6-free.

I also tried a product that must be so new, it’s not on the website yet: Lavender Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer. Now, lavender has been used since Roman times to clean. In fact, the word “lavender” has its roots in “lavare”/”lava”, Latin for “to wash”. This hand sanitizer has a very faint scent, so don’t feel like you’ll be all perfume-y. These days, when wouldn’t you want some hand sanitizer on hand?

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