Rock on, women! Sellout Life brings out your cool

Did you know I used to be an agent for rock stars? It’s a long, convoluted story that began when I saw the PBS cult classic documentary, Dancing Outlaw. So, I did that and I did it very well for about 10 years. This micro career took me to dive bars in Appalachia and prisons, I had Grammy award winners on speed dial and was even a guest at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.

But the truth of the matter is I’m extremely square. So square, that Jann Wenner (co-founder of Rolling Stone) once sent me a letter to that effect when I tried to pitch a story. I was young and so humiliated, I burned the missive in my fireplace, terrified that I’d never have a date again or get married if anyone discovered how damned four-cornered I really was. I’m the type that grandparents nod about and say, “Yes, she’s a nice girl.” However, for those nights I’d be backstage and promoting my acts, I wanted to look cool — but like myself. It’s not like I was going to have sleeves of tattoos or extra piercings. I had one extra piercing once, but let it seal over.

Plus, I’m not a kid anymore and I’m not built like one. One client wanted to know what size to send me of his super limited run t-shirt. <gulp> What size should a rocker girl be? I totally lied my ass off when I decided, “medium”. I don’t really feel that way, but what would you say to a rock star?

When the clothing people first came out with the “ladies cut” t-shirts, that was the worst! They cut in waists like some sort of Jessica Rabbit. Boo. I took to buying men’s rock t-shirts, but cutting them with some fabric shears to not have that Hank Hill look.

Now there’s a line called Sellout Life: “Fashion that celebrates the passion, power and edge of women who rock.” I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

They have a special project going on:

Sellout Life has partnered with the It Get’s Better Project to donate 20% of their sales site-wide in honor of September’s Suicide Prevention Month.

The It Gets Better Project is a nonprofit organization with a mission to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth around the globe.

Sellout Life has t-shirts, tanks and hats in rocking, not trying too hard, slogans and logos. They have a super soft fabrication — great for First Class flights or sleeping on the tour bus or van! — of 50% cotton/50% poly. It’s cut with a relaxed fit, wide scoop neck and curved hem. Where has this been all my life? It’s pretty much how I cut up the guys’ shirts, but they never turned out as nice as this. These are very flattering.

You can wear these a lot more places than after-parties, trust me. I’m an attorney by light of day. I’m not saying I’d wear a t-shirt to court, but my clients would love to see me wearing a Sellout Life shirt with a blazer and some sort of pants or even a cute black skirt. People want to know their lawyer is tough on their behalf!

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