A body makeover for the new year with Baebody and Merle Norman

For many of us, it’s been the imperfect storm: lockdowns, eating a bunch of sourdough bread and canned goods, blizzards, closed gyms. But with the beginning of the new year, gradually lengthening days and at least some sorta promise of vaccines, it’s about time to consider what it will be like to see people again and wear normal clothes.

But you might have to snap to it even quicker! I recently had to schedule a very important video meeting on just a few days’ notice. Eeek! Besides all the normal essentials: healthy meals, rest, exercise, lots of water, I knew I needed some extra help. Thanks to Baebody and Merle Norman, I got it! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

Baebody makes products for the outside, inside and inside-inside: they donate to many national and community-based causes. Baebody Detox Tea 14-day Powerful Blend focuses on cleaning, purifying, boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite. It’s composed of red tea (rooibos), green tea, pomegranate and other herbs. I noticed the flavors of red tea and the bright, tangy pomegranate. The blend has stevia and a touch of salt for flavor, but you might like to add some more stevia to taste.

So, it’s a 14 day blend, not a single day blend, so it took a few days for me to see and feel changes, but I did! Because it is so effective, it comes with a specific list of instructions:

  • Drink with a meal every morning upon rising or before a workout. Do not drink on an empty stomach.

They also advise to only use one tea bag a day and not less than 4 hours before bedtime.

With cold weather, itchy woolens, central heating and little fresh air, your body skin is likely to be crapey, blotchy, dry, bumpy. What are you going to do? Merle Norman has created their most advanced product: Anti Aging Complex Body Lotion. It has patented ingredients and green coffee for smoothing and evening, but no alcohol, colorants or dyes. It is packaged in a tube.

The lotion has a very light texture and the faintest honeyed flower scent, instantly absorbing into the skin, leaving a softened, but not greasy, waxy or beaded feel. You can have full confidence in dressing right away.

It can be difficult to find the proper anti-aging product for your decolletage: some products have acids that sting or heavy oils that make you break out or perspire. But this is a perfect product for that hard-to-manage area.

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