A selection of luxe beauty holiday gifts

Whether you’re putting together stocking stuffers for loved ones or need a whole lot of holiday TLC for your own self, beauty gifts are great for people of all ages and genders. You can’t lose! Here are some lovely products that I was happy to be hosted to experience.

Baebody is a whole body line made in Chicago from 80% natural ingredients. They contribute to a number of social causes and in December, they are matching online contributions on their site to Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

These days, whether you’re glued to the computer screen, keeping weird hours, not taking great care of yourself, you probably have puffy, aging eyes. Baebody Eye Gel is the #1 selling eye gel on Amazon! Ingredients like Vitamin E, Matrixyl 3000 (a synthetic peptide that stimulates collagen production) and Peptide Complex are packaged in a hygienic touch pump jar. Unlike many other eye products, it’s meant to use night and day. It’s refreshing! You can make it even more so with a quick stash in the fridge.

So, you’re washing your hands, drying your hands, showering, walking around outside in winter weather, using sanitizer, sanitizing your home and you say your skin is really dry and itchy? Well, of course it is! Suki incorporates effective ingredients from fine plant materials. As part of the Renew collection, the Hydrating Body Oil is a special and versatile product.

It is a rich, rich oil that remarkably, dries to the touch. Sunflower, safflower and grapeseed oils add essential lipids to skin. The oils are cold pressed, retaining all of their nutrients. It has a natural light lemongrass fragrance, perfect for anybody. You can use it on your body, on your hands and cuticles, in a bath or even for a massage.

This time of year, your lips take a beating with the change in temperatures, wind, not drinking enough water. Okay, so you’re not going to be kissing strangers under mistletoe this year, but you’re still doing Facetime and Zoom get togethers, right? Chapped, undone lips look a little unkempt for a video meeting — it takes away from your authority.

Merle Norman is a classic, beloved American personal care line. Merle Norman was a real woman, a trailblazer with a background in chemistry and medicine. She encouraged attention to skincare in the heyday of Hollywood.

For holiday, they’ve put out a cute and affordable gift set: Hydrate & Glow for Lips. Illustrated and tied with a ribbon, the two mini products are designed to exfoliate, condition and protect your lips. Lip Conditioner has SPF of 15 and has a soft, smooth application on lips — this isn’t a harsh or scratchy exfoliator. Since it’s colorless, it is perfect for all ages, all genders. If you have a loved one in long-term care, this would be wonderful to mail to them. Older folks taking medications have lots of problems with chapped lips. Your pre-teen will appreciate the sophisticated quality, too. Lip Revive is intended as a base before adding color, but it’s also like an added layer of silky protection on your lips even all on its own.

K-Beauty continues to be all the rage, because of its effectiveness combined with fun and cuteness. MasqueBar has the concept down pat! Perfect for now, Christmas, they have an affordable Christmas Animalz Holiday Value set, 4 precious animal sheet masks! The printed and face-soothing ingredients impregnated sheets are printed with animal faces! Sure beats goop on your face, especially if you have roommates. The mask paper is supple and moist, so you can apply the sheet to fit your facial contours.

Penguin – purifying

Reindeer – calming

Polar Bear – nourishing

Moose – hydrating

These masks are perfect for traveling, convenient after workouts. They don’t even require water; after 10-20 minutes, you pat in the remainder of the skin care fluid into your face.

You’ve gotta wear a PPE mask in most places, but I don’t think anyone enjoys it. Plus, some people are getting irritated complexions from wearing their PPE gear. Salt in the wound, right? MasqueBar has come up with an ingenious mask that goes on under your mask! Shield & Soothe Hydrogel Facial Under PPE Mask lets you do a spa treatment while protecting you and others! It peels off and you apply to the lower part of your face. It sticks really well, comfortably; I tried it while on a treadmill at the gym. It has hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and calendula, which hydrate and calm down irritated “mask face”. There are no mineral oils, silicones or other “nasties”.

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