Light a candle to be the light for a child this holiday season with Eufora

As tough as this year has been for we grown-ups, think of how hard it’s been for kids! They don’t even have our — albeit reduced — levels of agency. The isolation of the pandemic has exacerbated child abuse. ChildHelp is an organization that offers comprehensive assistance in the prevention and intervention of child abuse. They’ve teamed up with Eufora, the clean salon brand, with its Believe candle, for a special fundraiser. This holiday season, you can be doing good on your quest to doing well . . .

Eufora has other delicious scents, too! Are you stressed out lately? Yes, of course you are. I am, too. Within 24 hours, I broke 3 glasses and dumped a whole box of salt on the floor. These days, your home is your castle, so you’d better start treating it that way.

BECHILL combines vanilla, cypress and bergamot with clove leaf for a relaxing, sensual, but not a super “gourmand” fragrance. It would certainly be appreciated by any gender, any age.

INSPIRE is a fresh, but not sharp, sage, orange, rosemary and mint blend; a great fragrance for your home gym routine, kitchen, home office.

These candles are made from natural soy and coconut waxes, with a pure cotton wick that doesn’t smoke up. The wax is very slow-burning — no pools of hot liquid appear just as you’re trying to enjoy yourself. They’re housed in elegant, heavy-bottomed glasses.

Have you ever been invited to a VIP’s home or party and had no idea what to bring? Whether it’s the managing partner at work, the head clergy at your house of worship or even a baroness, like one of my neighbors apparently was, you want to get something that’s special, without breaking the bank. Don’t bring a bottle of wine — theirs is better! Eufora candles are gifts you can give with confidence.

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