Holiday gifts for loved ones and fur babies: Mettalusso

Whether your sending holiday presents or you’re treating your loved ones all hunkered down at home with you this year, it’s the time for simple, yet special. Also, shopping from indie businesses is bound to put the shine on your karma! Mettalusso features luxurious, clean vegetarian and vegan beauty products . . . not just for you, but also for your fur babies! I — and Madam C.J. — were happy to be hosted to experience it! They’re offering free shipping in the U.S.

Here’s a product for all skin tones, all genders, all ages to look sun-kissed, whether in-person or for those Zoom meetings: Mettalusso Master Blender Illuminating Pressed Powder. With a mix of undertones and a demi-matte finish, it can be used as a highlighter, bronzer, contour, blush.

This powder is well-pressed, so it doesn’t break up or fly away, whether you use a brush, puff or sponge. It has a buildable coverage, so you can achieve subtle effects. I’ve definitely seen some news anchor guys who, quarantined at home, could certainly use this product.

Sweep a little on your hairline and at your temples, for a more “finished” look while wearing a mask.

Are you one of the thousands of people who adopted a shelter pet during the lockdown or already had a dog or cat? That little critter might have been the only one to talk to for months! They deserve a little holiday gift, absolutely! I love how versatile (providing great value) Mettalusso products are. To that end, MORE Cat and Dog Clean Beauty Treatment Balm Stick is for dogs and cats, with many uses.

It’s a 100% natural soft stick that incorporates oil, grapes, coconuts, almonds, soy, rosemary and Vitamin E. Madam C.J., my 6 year old mixed Dachshund/Schnauzer, is quite intrigued by the creamy vanilla scent. You use the sponge tip as a hygienic applicator to relieve paw pads (ever see a dog step on ice melting salt?), itchy spots, outer ears and even for loosening up the eye boogies that terriers seem to get.

Check out their website for their newsletter and promo codes.

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