Give your complexion a flawless look with Mineral air

People mope about “bad hair days”, but a bad complexion day can wreak havoc with your self-esteem and even your ability to conduct business or socialize. One time, I ran into a former law school classmate on my way to the bank. I was having a complete skin freakout day, complete with old burn scars showing and other nasties. I ducked into some other building and I know he saw it! What can you say to someone under those circumstances? When your skin isn’t clear, how do you feel about handing out your business card? I’m sure you wouldn’t do selfies or a bunch of posting on a day like that, either.

In the past, it was hard to achieve the various levels of coverage you might need, including full, coupled with a finish that wasn’t cakey or dry. If you’re looking for that insta-ready complexion that the stars and influencers have, there’s a new product series that will give you what you need, easily. The Mineral air AirMist Device Set has the technical finesse of an airbrush machine in a portable, hand-held device that’s smaller and lighter than my electric toothbrush. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

The set I tried comes with the main device, USB charger cable (how convenient!) and a reserve reservoir. See, what you do is use one for foundation and use the other with their rosy colors for a super natural blush application!

There is a wide range of foundation shades, not merely going from light to dark, but also leaning to different tones, such as pink or yellow. Just like with concealer sticks, you can get mileage from having a few shades, for under-eye circle coverage, strobing and contouring.  Also, your own skin color changes with the seasons — it’s good to have a few colors on hand and they mix well for customization.They have a 100% shade match guarantee!

The foundation is made to replace 4 in 1 products: primer, concealer, hydrator and pigment. It incorporates such skin-loving ingredients as olive squalene, sea salt, argan oil and pomegranate extract. Shake your foundation bullets each time, to keep these natural ingredients well-mized.

You shake the liquid bullets well, dropping a few drops into the reservoir. When pressing the button, a fine controlled mist of color comes out. It does not splurt all over the place, I promise! You spray it on in conjoined circles from about 4 inches away, letting it dry for about 30-60 seconds. It doesn’t feel thick or tacky.  It’s a serum consistency with a satin finish. You can easily apply your other cosmetics on top. The container keeps everything clean and sanitary, which may end up improving your complexion just with that aspect!

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