Calming, luxe beauty gifts for the holidays: Mettalusso CBD Collection

With many states enacting some sort of legalization of marijuana, it was bound to stoke interest in all of the products that were stripped of CBD — cannabidiol — when marijuana became illegal in the US. I’m not a doctor, but it is reported that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties when included in beauty products. CBD is a different chemical component than THC, the psychoactive that makes people high.

But people who don’t smoke pot — including myself — or probably, even people who do, have many questions about applying CBD topically. Will you get high? Is it safe? Mettalusso has crafted several CDB beauty products with luxurious, high-end/high efficacy (if that’s not too bad a pun!) ingredients. They do recommend that pregnant and lactating people not use it. They certainly make for cool holiday gifts. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

I definitely noticed the anti-inflammatory properties, but they don’t affect your system. You won’t be drowsy, etc.

Mano — Italian for hand — is their hand lotion, packaged in a TSA friendly 2oz. bottle. Scent-wise, I noticed intense notes of lemongrass. It has 50mg pure CBD isolate. The main ingredients are aloe, seed oils, flower extract, Vitamins A, B and C. They are well-known antioxidants and natural ingredients used for millennia. It has a medium-bodied consistency, absorbs in to skin right away. I noticed how my rashy, burn scarred and wind irritated hands did seem to lose their redness and flakiness.

Can a facial cleanser be refreshing and soothing? Main Creme CBD Cleanser Minute Mask does both! Sometimes, when your complexion is under extreme stress, it’s hard to know what to use. Old-timey beauty books — and I pretty much own them all — always recommend washing with powdered milk in those situations. But, that’s kind of gross and definitely not effective as a cleanser. So, during this holiday week when I shopped and cooked and cleaned, then realized that I’ve spent fully 3 of my last 6 paychecks fixing my POS car, it wasn’t surprising when the hives and clogged pores appeared. The pump liquid of this cleanser is said to be suitable for all genders. It has a menthol feel, but not bracingly so. It leaves your skin softer and smoothed, not stripped or greasy. You can leave it on an extra minute as a treatment. Besides peppermint and witch hazel, it has CDB, macadamia nut (very rich and buttery) and avocado oils. There’s also Vitamins A and E, which are very healing for skin issues. It has 20mg CBD.

Main CDB Hair Oil is quite versatile. They say you can even use it for beards! This minty scented oil is sized for TSA travel requirements and applies with a dropper. Use it as a pre-treatment, for calming frizzy hair or styling with extra shine. It doesn’t have silicone, but has a silky blend of jojoba, coconut, orange, tea tree and hemp seed oils. If you have a dry, itchy scalp, this oil will give you the soothing you seek. It has 25mg CBD.

Are you someone who likes to streamline skincare? Perhaps you don’t use any, but know that you should. Micro Pore CDB Primer is a milky serum that leaves a flawless surface for applying cosmetics or is a skincare treatment on its own. It has hyaluronic acid and ingredients for firming. It also incorporates Vitamins A, B and E. It absorbs right into the complexion, so you won’t have any trouble applying makeup of any consistency. It has 20mg CBD.


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