Clean K-beauty, cute holiday gifts: Primera

One of the hallmarks of K-beauty — the Korean beauty philosophy — is a focus on skincare and the complexion. One of the reasons the trend took off here in the US is that the quality products, along with the protocols, rituals, had people devoting some more time to their beauty routine. With proper products and more care + attention, people started seeing desirable results. Primera is a company that prides itself in its K-beauty tradition that goes even further: it’s clean, in the modern sense. They forgo mineral oils, synthetic dyes and fragrances and instead, harvest the nutrition of seeds in their products. And now, they have put together some ready-to-go, cute gift sets for the holidays. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

The Make Way for Moisture — Alpine Berry Set has perfect for TSA travel sizes of skin perfectors that will ensure you look great on vacay. Mild Facial Peeling Gel doesn’t sting, has no abrasives. You pump out just a couple of drops, leave it on a few minutes and roll off the dead skin before rinsing. Wasn’t there a foot cream on the market like that back in the day? This particular liquid exfoliant is helpful to instantly smooth skin for easy cosmetics application. All skin types can use this product.

Alpine Berry Water Toner uses Alpine strawberry sprouts, blackberries and hyaluronic acid for their antioxidant, brightening and moisture attracting abilities. The wild Alpine strawberries grow in harsher mountain conditions, making them hardier. It’s not harsh or burning. It’s smooth and refreshing, but it’s working harder than regular liquids. It has a faint fresh fruit scent.

Alpine Berry Water Cream has skin-nutritious ingredients including coconut derived oils, wild Alpine strawberry and blackberry, artemisia (an herb credited with many healing qualities) and Vitamin E. The berries provide natural antioxidants to your skin.

It has a light, whipped lotion consistency. It applies easily, with great glide and absorbs right away. Skin is hydrated, but you can apply makeup of any format on top. You won’t feel greasy or itchy with waxy or oily unguents.

Clean Berry Lip Mask is a perfect product for this time of year, when your lips are chapped and perhaps split. It’s great for overnight use, especially if you dry out your lips with snoring, which of course, you don’t. Nut butters and flower waxes feel like a rich balm, but give a nice glow to lips. There’s no discernible scent or flavor.

For the holidays, there’s a super special collection: a trio of rich Mango Butter Hand Creams! Here’s how I’d describe them on the moisture and absorption scale: they instantly stop itchy scaliness and I felt comfortable handling paper right away. As a former professional violinist, though, there’s enough residual moisture where I wouldn’t be handling the varnish or neck of my fiddle right away. The original formula is unscented. Light citrus has a subtle orange- sweet mandarin scent. Rich Floral has a Southern type scent, to my nose. I noticed magnolia and gardenia: creamy, full-blown blossoms.


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