The Tooth Fairy for pets in the Baltimore/DC area: Pearly White Pets

My little sweetie, Madam CJ, is originally from A Buddy for Life in Elkton, Maryland. If this beauty were introducing herself at a beauty pageant, she’d say, “From the neck of the Elk River, home of quickie marriages and Maryland tomatoes, I could see Delaware from my window! I am: your Madam CJ.” When this 5 year old was 2, she — and I — found ourselves quickie divorced. We are on a budget!

And so, when we first went to a place in Baltimore for dog dental care that’s supposed to be affordable for the community, we got a price quote that’s more than my monthly housing costs. I started doing my research and realized that she was a good age and candidate for non-anesthesia dental care.

I was relieved to find out about Pearly White Pets, located in Montgomery County. Ah, but folks who know me, know I can’t drive there! I saw that they rotate to other locations, taking up a couple of days at locations such as at Loyal Companion. After calling them up, I found out that they’d be taking their road show to the Loyal Companion 5 minutes from my house! I instantly took a convenient appointment time and slapped down a deposit. There were different promo coupons online, one of which I took advantage of.

Madam had canines that looked like they were dipped in burnt caramel, the tartar was that bad. After her treatment, which took less than an hour — as I exclaimed to the next owner in line — they were white as toilet tiles!

I loved that they took pictures of her all swaddled, that they gave me a full report, cleaned her with fluoride. I also loved that the whole thing, even with her heavy tartar, cost less than $300! They also treat cats, for those who are into that sort of thing.

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