Cute, cultural Executive Class amenity kit: TAP Air Portugal

A quick perusal of eBay will show you how beloved First/Business Class amenity kits are, even ones decades old. It serves as a souvenir to remember a luxurious flight and the journey that you took. Recently, I was happy to be hosted on TAP Air Portugal on its inaugural flight from Dulles to Lisbon!

The colorful canvas pouches will be focusing on each of Portugal’s regions. Currently, the design features Coimbra. Check out the little illustration of a TAP airplane! Honestly, it’s so cute, I’ve been using it as a little summer clutch. It has 2 inside little pockets, perfect for credit cards or hotel room keys.

tap amenity 2.JPG

Inside are all the useful things you’d want on a long flight and then some:

  • A cardboard bookmark that matches the pouch
  • A toothbrush and mini mint toothpaste
  • A really good quality comb. It’s faux tortoiseshell, without seams. You’ve probably never looked into this, but I’m obsessed: you want a comb without manufacturing seams in the teeth. Those seams wreck your hair!
  • A pen: good for filling out customs forms, etc.
  • An unbranded lip balm that’s soft, creamy and orange scented.
  • Sleep mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Socks with the Portuguese flag colors woven into an Argyle pattern,
  • Castelbel products: a newer, luxury personal care company in Portugal. There’s a tube of hand cream that starts out as a light floral and dries down to a faint pineapple. I’m picky about hand creams, as I had a bad burn accident many years ago. It’s a liquid hand cream, but still softens very well and absorbs extremely quickly. You won’t leave greasy fingerprints anywhere. Castelbel also includes something I’ve never seen in an amenity kit: a scented sachet envelope. It has the same print as the pouch and has an herby scent: “vintage leather”. What an ingenious idea, to be able to freshen your luggage contents!

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