Natural flower healing from within and without: Lotus Wei

Over the years, I have taken quite a few seminars on alternative healing methods, like aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, water therapy, music therapy, massage. Though I come from a family of doctors, even they knew there are things that help us that aren’t necessarily dealt with in medical school. For instance, after WWII, my grandfather realized that he was treating several war brides for ailments stemming from depression. They felt alienated, having been separated from their European culture and friends. My grandfather suggested that they all get together and call themselves “The Talk Club”. In his words, “Well, that just fixed them right up!”

Maybe you never knew the correct terms for some of these alternative therapies, but you’ve enjoyed their benefits. Certain scents remind you of home or your favorite dessert. Like many other folks, listening to sad songs makes you feel better. There are colors that change your mood. And, like millions of people — going back to prehistoric times — flowers help “what ails ya”.

A few years ago, I saw in print publications where some titans of industry, politics, the arts were extolling the benefits of a flower elixir company, making different formulations and categories of beneficial, natural products. Lotus Wei is the company and Katie Hess is its visionary. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Hess combines her love of nature and traveling the globe to seize upon rare, organic flowers. Through intense healing and historical research, along with experimentation, she divines the purposes to which the flower essences align. The flowers are used in several formulations to use in different ways, such as serums, baths, elixirs, sprays.

Hess also hosts these really neat events: “Flowerlounges”. As she aptly describes, they’re like “pajama parties where you go to wake up”. Between mindful meditations, chocolate tasting, flower essence sampling and getting to know people in small groups, it’s such an empowering time! I went to one in Baltimore when my marriage had suddenly ended. It shifted my perspective from “why me?” to “why am I and who am I?” It was the theory of strengthening oneself to face the world. I really recommend it!

One of the unique formulations are the elixirs. You can take 5 drops several times a day under the tongue or if you’ve really done your healing homework, add them to a big glass of water. They’re honey and flower nectars that have a sweet juice flavor. The elixirs started with a core collection of six moods, then expanded to dozens of rare flowers with subtle energy work. Even the discipline of taking a few moments for yourself, several times a day, while smelling the scents and tasting the flavors, puts you in a different frame of mind.

When you need the easiest, most classic form of healing, their bath salts have a lot to offer. Made of flower elixirs and essential oils — but they aren’t greasy/don’t gunk up your tub — they’re a way of immersing your whole self in soothing water. Each bath comes with an appropriate meditation that you play online while you bathe. You focus on the subtle and beautiful fragrance and the feeling, while shifting your perspective.

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