Get thicker, beautiful hair at home with Bosley Pro

You’ve probably seen the Bosley ads on tv. You may have sympathized with some of those “befores”, but didn’t really feel like it applied to you. Or maybe, you’ve been spotting some thinning areas, weakness or lack of density. However, for reasons of privacy and convenience, you just want to take care of business at home. But there may be some of you who invest a lot of money and time on beautiful, sophisticated hair color. You might have been too afraid to veer from your established hair care routine, concerned that you’d otherwise strip the color. Well, thanks to Bosley Profressional Strength — in conjunction with Bosley, Inc. — you can have it all! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

They’re incorporating ingredients that you find in the finest skincare: peptides, apple stem cell extract, ocean marine algae and sunflower extract. Go ahead: check out some of those department store creams and oils that are $200 and up. You’ll see!

Bosley Pro has different collections, depending on your stage of hair weakness or loss. I tried a conditioner in the Defense line, for keeping the hair you have and to beef it up a bit. When I was a kid, products for thickening your hair had a lot of gums and plasticizers. It was impossible to get a comb through your tresses after you used them and forget about touchability.

I can tell you that Bosdefense Volumizing Conditioner is in a modern class of its own! It really doesn’t weigh down your hair, though it has a rich, creamy consistency. It’s scent is very balsam-fir. You leave it in for 5 minutes. Because I didn’t know how manageable my hair would still be, I started combing it out in the shower. No tangles! I used it without any of my usual leave-in conditioners or hair serums. My hair was still very, very shiny and I was quite pleased. After using it several times, I noticed that my coloring was still fresh and not going brassy — very elegant.

The conditioner incorporates several proprietary formulae to fortify your hair and keep its color.


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