Adopt a new skincare routine with physician-created GR8/SKN

Whether you’re a guy or a guy, a young person with raging hormones or older with stress and pollution ravaged skin, there’s a terrific new physician-created line: GR8/SKN. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Dr. Janine Ellenberger, a physician originally from South Africa, first got interested in getting into the production side of skin care after two of her relatives were diagnosed with melanoma. She wanted to focus on teens and young adults who want quality products that are effective.

Dr. Ellenberger zeroed in on using well-researched ingredients and healthy antioxidants in low ecological footprint packaging. She definitely encourages folks to coordinate their skin type with one of her suggested routines. The doctor also suggests a holistic approach, including washing after sport, meticulously cleaning sports equipment, keeping an eye on diet and lifestyle. Good ideas, certainly!

I tried a few products that are meant to be used with different methods, according to your skin type. Clear is a foaming gel cleanser that has clay and willow bark (a natural source of salicylic acid, the stuff in aspirin and an exfoliant). I like gel cleansers, because they feel refreshing and don’t add grease or waxes to the complexion. This product also makes the line stand out from other physician-backed lines targeted to younger people — some of them are so harsh and irritating!

CTRL is a moist, triple clay mask. It applies wet and only dries to a more solid form. It doesn’t abrade or dehydrate the skin like other clay masks. It’s meant to calm the complexion and they say that you can even use it overnight. Since it has a gray color, I didn’t try that on my sheets.

“THE OIL” is a chic pre-cleansing oil made with sativa, jojoba, argan and several herbal oils, known since Roman times to help skin. It might become your “desert island” product, because you can use it as a body moisturizer, hair treatment and cuticle mender.

RESET is an interesting night serum, containing loads of Vitamins A and C, probiotics and herbal oils, aloe vera. It has a natural incense-like fragrance and because it’s not a cream, you won’t fear breaking out just for using a night treatment. It’s touted as being an anti-inflammatory.


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