Celebrate Day of the Little Angels, Day of the Dead and Fall with Hornitos tequila (recipe)

November 1 and 2 are coming up really fast. I’ve been reading about Day of the Little Angels and Day of the Dead — so fascinating! I grew up with a little boy who was born on Day of the Little Angels, who never knew his dad — he was killed in the Vietnam War. I always thought he had some mystery, something melancholic about him.  But don’t cry — he also had a whole bunch of Wayne’s World about him, too! That juxtaposition, I think, is what Day of the Little Angels and Day of the Dead is about: Living life to the fullest, but then you die. The veil between the two worlds is thin.

Part of the celebrations traditionally in Mexico are supposed to include private altars holding favorite foods and drinks. Tequila is a favorite Mexican beverage and is great for all seasons. What? You only think of it for warm weather and Margaritas? You’ve been missing out. Below is a recipe from the fine folks at Hornitos who hosted me to experience some interesting new ways to think of the spirit (see what I did there?).

I would also suggest — with the change of the seasons — that you harvest whatever’s in your garden, on your windowsill or even at the local farmer’s market to enhance your Hornitos cocktails. I have some wacky herbs on my windowsill that have survived several hurricanes. They include blue basil, chocolate mint, a hardy marjoram, chives that I think have mutated into ramps or something, sage that are like, 10 years old. I have become quite the mixologist and make little sugar syrups that last a couple of weeks in the refrigerator.  Save little Ball canning jars that come with jams or ham spreads for this purpose. In a saucepan, boil down half water, half white sugar and some herbs until its syrupy. Take out the herbs and pour into your little jars. These exotic herbal syrups are absolutely wonderful with tequila!

La Bandera

  • 1 shot Hornitos Plata Tequila
  • 1 shot fresh lime juice
  • 1 shot sangrita*


Preparation: Pour each liquid into separate shot glasses and sip from each glass in traditional Mexican fashion – lime juice first, Hornitos Plata second and Sangrita to finish.



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