Get that Prosecco party going with Shimmer Bubbles Party Pack!

Sometimes, it can be hard to get the perfect gift. What if you don’t know the person that well? What if their likes and hobbies aren’t yours? I remember the first gift I had to get for a boy’s birthday; we were both 13. I heard he liked AC/DC, so my mom sent me to the record store with a $10 bill. You could do that in those days. But it’s not so easy now! consistently has things where people exclaim to me, “Wait, what? Where did you get that?” They’ve got this Shimmer Bubbles Party Pack, which is perfect for this time of year! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The pack is this crazy easy way to turn Prosecco, gin and tonic, vodka, Champagne if you’re splashing out, into fun cocktails! You don’t have to have equipment, ingredients, tools or skills. I invited my neighbor Betty to join me to try this out, after a long day’s work and lollying the evening at the pool.

Okay, so get yourself a bottle of sparkly. I would say that you should be living the kind of lifestyle where you’ve got a bottle in your fridge at all times, but you — being the chic person you are — already knew it.

The kit has edible shimmer bubble tubs where you add a spoonful and pour your bubbly on top! I’ve actually been to Chun Shui Tang Tea House [Inventor of Bubble Tea] in Taichun, Taiwan. These jellied balls burst in your mouth for youthful fun with your drink. The kit has 4 different fruit flavors: passion fruit, cherry, raspberry and blueberry. We were pleasantly surprised that the admixture wasn’t overly sweet, didn’t mask the wine flavors. It’s cute and fun! The kit comes with black, silver and gold wide bubble straws, which help you slurp up the fun. A tub will flavor a bottle of bubbly, easily.

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