Cute, fun and super useful: Penny the Panda speaker

There are many Bluetooth speakers out there, but the Penny the Panda speaker has a lot to recommend it. It plays music, has a built-in speaker for phone calls and can remotely take photos! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

About the size of a golf ball, this cute little guy comes with a detachable carry string and a usb charging cable. Charge it for a few hours and you’re good to go! It operates by way of a power button on the bottom.

Use the power button while doing selfies! You’ll be able to get better angles than pressing the volume buttons on your phone and it’s way less tacky than selfie sticks!

The volume is good for car trips, camping, dorm rooms, offices.

I discovered a great use for it today: earlier, I was on the phone with the US Post Office. They had me cooling my heels for over an hour. My phone battery would’ve died if I hung on that long after a full day at work. I could have forced myself to sit by the phone, waiting for God knows how long, but I had stuff to do! You do, too! I was able to do a couple of chores while listening to the Muzak on the speakers, carrying them from room to room. Try it — you’ll feel like less of a victim!

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