The answer to traveler’s prayers: Kleenex facial cleansing wipes

Clearly, Kleenex remembers my tween years and my mom. Sneaking into the “Blooming Colors” and shadows for blue eyes she bought in London, I thought I had washed off all traces in the girls’ locker room. Not even for Miss Eagle Eyes! How many times had I stood there, silently fuming, as she took that little Kleenex purse pack out of her bag, spit on a tissue before harshly wiping off the color residue? Had Kleenex facial cleansing wipes been invented then, I could have removed my own makeup, sans spit! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

Kleenex has evolved beyond the tissues in the box, though they have many kinds! There are many facial cleansing wipes on the market, but these really are different. They don’t come off foamy or soapy. They don’t leave a gummy residue. They’re safe to use around the eyes and don’t burn. There are good ingredients in there like aloe, cucumber and camellia.

I used these wipes during a very welcome vacay in South Carolina. Between beach walks, checking out the shag dancers and terrific local restos, I was too tuckered to do the major multi-step cleansing routine. With other products, I’d have had to force myself, because my skin would be clinging onto foundation and mascara otherwise. My complexion would be a disaster. But the Kleenex wipes do a thorough, yet gentle job. On days where I was wearing layers of concealer, I used two wipes. But that was all! Best of all, these products are perfect for TSA compliance!

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