Get a beautiful complexion for the holidays with Phytomer

Ever since the time of the Sun King, Louis XIV, and his exacting standards at Versailles, the French has mastered the art of glamour. The foundation of looking your best is having a beautiful complexion. Phytomer uses scientific discoveries in the area of marine biology for its skincare line. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

There are properties in the algae and flora in their formulations that help heal and restore your skin. Phytomer obtains active biologic materials for its ingredients from the Mediterranean, the English Channel, the Atlantic and Scandinavian waters.

Just in time for the holidays, they’ve put together a couple of chic, value added sets, including the Hydration Kit. With the full size Hydra Original Thirst Relief Melting Cream comes a travel sized Vegetal Exfoliant and Hydrasea Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask. They’re packaged in a cute cosmetics case: round and sky blue: very retro mod.

These products are perfect for winter: the Vegetal Exfoliant has a rich lotion consistency, with absolutely no grit. It helps with those toughened outer layers of skin without abrading it or causing rashes. It’s soothing and effective.

Though the mask is a rich cream consistency and moisturizing, it’s not greasy and rinses off easily . . . the application instructions advise rubbing it in before rinsing.

Hydra Original isn’t oily or chalky: quite unique for a super moisturizing cream. You should be able to apply cosmetics in the morning without any peeling.

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