A taste of Harrisonburg, Va: Pale Fire Brewing Co.

During a recent visit to the Omni Homestead Resort, I had the opportunity to try beer crafted by Pale Fire Brewing Co. in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It wasn’t an aberration that they served cold suds on the long, Southern-style porch with an elegant little display featuring sprays of local flowers. The basis of their company is that wherever the good times are, so is great beer!

In their Shenandoah Valley tasting room, you can bring food or order in. Friendly dogs are welcome on their porch and they often host live bands. Though the brewery is only two years old, they’ve already taken prizes at the World Beer Cup!

Pale Fire creates a number of “flagships”,”occasional” and “collaboration” beer varieties: interesting riffs on classic beers from around the world and even local and missed tavern flavors.

Ask any chef: having a drink that has a touch of bitterness and a touch of sweetness whets the appetite by evoking ancient physiological responses. Salad Days American Saison is a great aperitif for all types of meals that might follow. It was refreshing, with tangy notes, a bit of crispness and medium body. This is what they say about it:



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