Get that polished, saturated color look this fall with Palladio

If you’ve perused the September beauty and collector’s editions of fashion magazines, you can’t help but notice the trending makeup look for fall. Not since the 1980’s have we seen the full package of perfected complexion, sculpted cheekbones and saturated, true color. Palladio is a 25  year old beauty company, known for infusing its products with botanicals and vitamins. It’s affordable and available in 40 countries, too! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This season, start with a perfect matte canvas. Rice Primer — part of their new rice line — is a great mattifying take on this decade’s cosmetic discovery. The primer has an unobtrusive ivory-almond tint, applies light and silky and it dries to an undetectable finish and feel. It will not pill, so you can apply any consistency of cosmetic over it! It smoothes fine lines and rough patches, making for an easier application of color.

Under Eyes Disguise High Coverage Concealer comes in a full range of skin tone colors, plus three color correcting tints. Of these type of correcting products, I keep a green variety on hand. Why? I was in a fire many years ago and sometimes, I really need help toning down rash-colored scars. The dry cream comes in a tube with a small point opening. It dries quickly, so work your magic quickly. The concealer won’t cover tattoos, but they will certainly blur blemishes.

Set your foundational makeup with Pressed Rice Powder! Though Palladio keeps packaging fairly simple/minimal, this product has everything you’ll need on the go. Along with the cosmetic, there’s a square sponge, small mirror and magnetic close. With the sponge, you can apply a denser layer of silky powder for a more “HD” look. It’s translucent.

The Definer contour-highlight palette is perfect for taking in any small purse, even an evening bag. It has 3 contour shades and 3 highlighters. You probably will stick with one, maybe two sets, as they flatter different skin tones. Possibly you’ll use one darker color to sculpt out cheekbones, while using a lighter contour to shade your hairline and nose, for example. Two of the highlighters are matte, while one is shimmery. These days, you can wear shimmer for daytime, too. You’ll have to use your own brushes. I strongly recommend applying over a nice layer of powder, to able to blend the intense lay down of these colors.

Where have you been since spring? Lips are all about deep, super saturated, opaque, dense matte or low watt creme finish. 4 Ever + Ever Intense lip paint comes in both classic red, purple and a number of dark vixen shades. It applies with a doe-foot applicator. It won’t migrate, but you might feel more confident using a liner before.

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