Tennessee’s “Julia’s Liptint” [classic article]

Lipstick can be glamorous, but often, the texture and scents are gross. Some people can’t even stand to be kissed by someone who’s wearing a bunch of artificial chemicals and plastics on their mouth – and ladies, you thought it was you!  

Peggy Severs has invented a natural and beautiful alternative: Julia’s Liptints! (www.juliasliptint.com

Named after her daughter, Peggy mixed an old-fashioned base of rosewater and glycerine (a favorite for decades) with natural vegetable dyes. She picked an array of primary basic colors, a nice selection of corals and reds, and branched out from there into plums, browns and pinks. She loves naming the shades!

Peggy is a native of Virginia, but moved to Franklin, Tennessee to be close to the music business. She is a singer and her husband, Mike, is a session guitar player.

I first discovered Julia’s Liptints in a vintage store in Nashville. You will love its lightness, freshness, non-melting and hydrating qualities, and flattering finish. I have been taking photos of myself lately with this product and they have been coming out well. It shows the natural texture of your lips, which is very sensual. This is a great product for women of all ages; it would make a wonderful first cosmetic product for your teenager. No more worries! So, contact Peggy and let her know you read about it in Southern Fried!

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