What I’m drinkin’ [classic article]

In the late Fall and Winter, it always seems the time for endings. They say the hardest psychological event for humans is change, even if it’s for the better. Many people are afraid of things coming to a close– the Death card in Tarot, if you will. A wise friend of mine pointed out that JJ Cale says, “If you don’t slam a door, another one isn’t going to open.”

We are celebrating the first anniversary of Southern Fried Magazine. Bruce Wall tapped me to be the Editor through this chain of events: I was writing for one magazine and created a music issue for another magazine, www.pulitzer.com. I wanted to do a music issue better than Vanity Fair or other mags did. http://www.pulitzer.com/thecyberscene/2006/02/our-esteemed-reporter-tamar-alexia.html   Pulitzer.com is run by Courtney Pulitzer, a gutsy and smart woman with Louisiana roots. Courtney gave me carte blanche. The first magazine got jealous, suspicious, petty…and canned my ass. Do a Google search and you’ll figure out who they are. Bruce saw the Pulitzer issue, tapped me as Editor of Southern Fried, and the rest is history.

I’ve had some changes this year sending me straight to a Mason jar of Carter County, Kentucky moonshine that Bobby Lee Atkins once gave me. But generally, that’s not what I’m drinkin’. I brought back some beautiful Sauternes, Calvados and Ice Wine from Quebec. I still like freezing up some Ale 8 One (www.ale-8-one.com ) and bourbon, making an adult slushee in the icebox.
What else should I be drinking? Give me a holler and I might talk about you.

** So, Dave Anderson/Buzcuzn1 – Antebellum Audio already says this  is what I should be drinkin’: I prefer to put a bottle of “Patron” in the freezer with a double shot glass….let them get good and “artic-y”….pout it up with a single ice cube…and pour that thang down the gully washer…..mmmmmmmmm dez right….smooth as silk…chilly as a November night…and…well..you know the rest when you’re in the company of the opposite sex..LOL

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